Austin’s LS Asphalt Pot Holes

If your property’s asphalt is damaged, timely repairs are critical to avoid further deterioration, save money, and extend its service life. If you own a residential or commercial asphalt property and notice cracks, potholes, alligatoring, drainage issues, or other problems, timely restoration is of the essence.

Our LS Asphalt specialists can repair all types of asphalt defects efficiently and with little impact on your daily operations. We serve the entire Austin and surrounding areas.

Failure to fix a pavement in disrepair will cause serious problems and require costly repairs. Asphalt defects such as potholes and alligator cracking also reflect poorly on your business, cause safety hazards, and make you liable to your patrons and employees should any accident occur.

Pothole Repair

We can repair potholes in no time. LS Asphalt has a cutting-edge infrared machine, as well as a 2-ton and a 4-ton Hot Box to effectively repair asphalt year-round, even in the winter months.

Our Infrared Asphalt Repair technology provides a consistent and seamless asphalt repair that integrates perfectly with your existing pavement. Infrared restoration is a great choice for conventional asphalt repair, saving time, money, and costing up to half of what traditional repairs cost. Infrared is also a ‘green’ alternative, allowing for a significant percentage of the existing asphalt to be recycled and reused.

Our materials and equipment are ready to go from our warehouse to prevent any delays in your asphalt repair job. We also have a 6,000-gallon bulk tank to stock bulk sealer, as well as, pallets of hot crack fill, and stock pallets of Sherwin Williams paints and additives.

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